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“The Grief Specialists community is such a safe and supportive place to be, it feels like family. I highly recommend it to any Grief professional who is feeling lonely on their journey”


Detola Amure, Productivity & Women Leadership Transformational Coach

Your Grief Specialists Membership

Whether you're an experienced practitioner, or just starting out, we will work with you to give you an increased presence through our online directory, media opportunities, support calls, networking, and more. If you share our vision of providing the best support to grievers, that is qualified and safe, we would love to welcome you.

You can join the Grief Specialists directory for a small monthly paid subscription, which includes a number of benefits to you and your practice. We also offer an email address, which can be subscribed to in addition to your membership plan.

Grief Specialists Membership - £10 per month

  • Priority inclusion in the Grief Specialists directory

  • Featured in up to 10 expert categories

  • Priority notification of PR opportunities to raise your expert profile

  • Use of the Grief Specialists Partner Member logo

  • Be quoted as a grief expert in Grief Specialist blog content

  • Be an attributed writer on the Grief Specialists blog and in PDF guides

  • PR and marketing guidance (calls by appointment)

  • Online tech support (calls by appointment)

  • Access to any relevant funding for clients, or future funded marketing material, educational resources, etc.

Making the Most of Grief Specialists to Build your Practice

Being part of our community can help you grow without you really doing anything, because every time we post on social media, do any kind of networking, get press coverage, any outreach, it naturally drives traffic to the website and gives you a potential share of our voice.

Additionally, when Grief Specialists directory visitors search for the type of support you offer, they will find your  profile and get in touch with you.

However, there are some ways you can utilise being part of the community and give people a gentle nudge (or even a big push) your way.  Here are some tips:

Press coverage. Paid membership will give you access to the frequent media requests that are sent out via email. Getting press coverage helps you to:

  • Be seen by a much bigger audience

  • Grow your personal brand

  • Build your profile as an expert in your field. 


To get individual pieces of coverage with a PR agency costs in the region of £100 per piece. We also strive for press coverage as an organisation, again leading people to the website.

Share. We have articles going up on the website all the time. Sharing them gives you ready-made content from other experts. We see these articles as giving people top-line help and leading them to the directory for anything more.

Personal page: Not everyone has a website but all members have a personal website address that leads people to find you. If you haven’t got a website, you can add your unique page address to business cards, emails, online marketing, etc.

Articles: You can contribute articles for us to share on the website and to our audience. You can have articles ghost-written for you, which you can amend and approve before they go live. We’re always happy to brainstorm ideas with you if you’re not sure. Articles are a great way to share your expertise and again, lead people to you.

Community Networking: There will be opportunities to get to know each other better through virtual get-togethers. Our Facebook group already has members asking for specialists in different locations to help prospective clients. This will only increase when we see more of each other. There is also the opportunity to share knowledge and learn from each others’ experiences. 

And finally… look out for our prospect conversion programme coming soon. Giving you a complete ready-to-use marketing strategy, including content creation and marketing automation tools to convert your prospects into paying clients, all on autopilot.

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"Being part of the Grief Specialists community really does give me a sense of belonging, where I can reach out when I need advice or support. It provides me with the opportunity to learn from like minded people and also encourage and support others when they may need it."

Jill Attree - Grief and Loss Specialist

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