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Suzanne Jabour

Grief Educator and Coach

Tracy Burlaka

I'm a grieving mum who has found meaning in my loss through providing grief education – sharing how grief really works and how we can support people experiencing it. I work with organisations and businesses to build the skills and protocols to better support people who are grieving at work.

I am available as a speaker to share my story and help normalise grief as a healthy response to losses big and small. I have a BA and BEd and decades of experience as a trainer. I am a certified Grief Educator, Transformational Coach and Workshop Leader.

I can help you with:

  • Child bereavement

  • Grief at work

  • Suicide loss

  • Staff bereavement

  • Grief and productivity

I work with business leaders to create griever friendly workplaces. Grief comes from losses of all kinds, not just the loss of a loved one, and can be part of the business as well. Besides wanting to be at the forefront of creating a caring workplace, a robust response to grief and loss at work can build engagement and retention and boost the bottom line.

I also work 1:1 with grievers to help you chart your own grief path. That starts with giving yourself permission to grieve fully and well. Small step by small step and choice by choice we'll work together to rebuild your life as you move forward WITH your loved one.

My qualifications include:

  • Certified Grief Educator

  • Graduate of The Institute for Women Centred Coaching

  • Training and Leadership (coaching and facilitation programs)

  • Trauma Informed Practice Institute Level 1 and 2, BA, BEd


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