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Santou Eve Carter

Grief Specialist

Santou Eve Carter

25 years in public & private healthcare and mental & spiritual wellbeing for Life Transitions, End of Life & Bereavement. As grief therapist, educator & coach, using my unique S.T.E.E.R.™ approach, I specialize in youth/families, spousal and overdose/suicide loss. My clients report feeling better, with a positive impact to their everyday lives.

t: +44 7707 138114 | w:

I can help you with:

  • Health Diagnoses

  • End-of-Life

  • Unexplained Spiritual Experiences

  • Bereavement such as child, young widow(er)s parenting grieving children and pet loss

  • Tramautic / Tragic Bereavement

  • Life Transitions such divorce moving home or country

  • Anxiety

With 25 years’ field experience as a counsellor / therapist, spiritual leader, hospital chaplain, and a specialist young people practitioner, Santou Eve helps those grieving loss from relationship challenges, health diagnoses and end-of-life, and bereavement transitions.

Santou Eve has lived internationally across many cultures. Personal circumstances and themes of major losses (such as surviving Genocide, being a child war refugee, loss from cancer, etc.) created the conditions for her to process and train to help people with trauma and grief.

Her vision to create a radical movement about how to face loss and grief has fueled her work supporting families, groups, and individuals (aged 13+) around the world.

Through her unique combination of professional training, spiritual practices (within and outside of organised religion) as well as personal experience of multiple types of losses, Santou has developed a unique, therapeutic-spiritual method called the S.T.E.E.R.™ approach, to help people through in-life, end-of-life, and bereavement transitions.

Santou Eve is holding space for you and would love to see you thrive. She offers a free 30-minute clarity call to start helping you move out of your suffering in a gently accelerated way.

Reach out to schedule your free call today, and you can download a free helpful resource while you’re there called "You Don't Have to Say Goodbye: 5 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Loved One".

Santou Eve is available for family, community and organisational group, and individual support (aged 13+) through counselling / therapy, coaching, educating / training and guest speaking.

Santou's qualifications include:

  • Diploma in Family Psychotherapy

  • Certified Compassionate Bereavement Care Provider in traumatic grief

  • Certificate Bereavement Counselling

  • Certificate in Complicated Grief Treatment

  • Diploma in End-of-Life Therapy

  • Diploma in Mental Health and Young People

  • Certificates in Facilitating Group Therapy

  • Diploma and Certificate in Online Counselling

  • Diploma in NLP coaching (Master Practitioner)

  • Certificate in Motivational Interviewing

  • Bachelor of Arts in Historical Cultural Studies with Psychology

  • Master of Divinity in Theology with Pastoral Counselling


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