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Maria Bailey

Grief Specialist

Maria Bailey

Hello, I’m Maria and as an Edu-Therapist, I help people resolve their emotional pain through an education and action-based programme over a short number of sessions to lead to sustainable mental wellness.

t: 07932 644771 / e:

I can help you with:

  • Cancer and covid bereavement

  • Middle-aged mums struggling to balance grief with work and family

  • Anticipated loss

I founded Grief Specialists in 2021 after handling communications for Grief UK, an education and training organisation for a number of years. During that time, my passion for helping people suffering with grief grew and I trained as a grief specialist.

During 2020, I lost both parents to cancer. I was able to use my skills to navigate both losses and support my family. My dad died just as the country was going into Lockdown, and as he lived abroad, I could only say goodbye over the phone. Having been given a bit of warning with mum, I was able to use the tools I had before she died. This helped immeasurably with saying goodbye and continuing without much of the pain associated with grief.

You may find yourself here now because you are struggling with a current or past loss. I can help you to navigate your feelings and move beyond the pain you may find yourself in.

I am based near Chard, Somerset and I’m available for group sessions, and one-to-ones online via Zoom, or face-to-face.

Maria’s qualifications include:

  • Certified Edu-Therapy Specialist

  • Advanced GRM Specialist


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