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Lucy Herd

Grief Educator & Campaigner

Lucy Herd

Hello, I’m Lucy, a founding member of Grief Specialists, a bereavement rights campaigner and a grief educator based in Berkshire. My son Jack was only 23 months old when he tragically drowned in my garden pond in August 2010. Living through every parent’s worst nightmare gave me the strength to take on the system, so no one would have to suffer as I had.


I can help you with:

  • Bereavement

  • Child Loss

  • Miscarriage

  • Relationship breakdown

  • Training adults in helping children deal with loss

When Jack died I was to find out the hard way that an employee was entitled to no statutory leave from the workplace, even after the death of a child.

This terrible experience was the catalyst for starting the Change Bereavement Leave campaign. I worked tirelessly, taking on the might of Westminster and business organisations, to fight for people who had lost a loved one to be given a decent amount of bereavement leave from their workplace, all in the name of Jack.

When the campaign came to an initial end and Jack’s Law came to pass, my grief hit me like a freight train all over again. I was exhausted and I’d lost my sense of purpose. This is when I discovered the Grief Recovery Method and decided to train as an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist to help others suffering the pain of loss. This seven-part action programme provides proven tools to heal broken hearts.

I also trained to deliver Helping Children with Loss, training for anyone who works or lives with children, something I’ve been passionate about after seeing the lack of support available for my other two children after Jack died.

I have set up Grief and a Cuppa, a safe space for anyone grieving, and Grief First Aid, a short course for workplaces.

Please get in touch if you would like help with loss, or for your training needs. Training and Grief Recovery are available face-to-face or via Zoom.

Lucy’s qualifications include:

  • Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist

  • Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist

  • Lucy is an experienced speaker and media commentator


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