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Jane Dixon

The Grief and Bereavement Specialist

Jane Dixon

Hi, I am Jane. I help my clients by firstly listening, without judgement or analysis. I believe Grieving people stop being heard, and this is the one thing they want the most, to be listened to and their feelings validated.

t: 07545 552278 | w:

I can help you with:

  • Child Bereavement

  • Grief & Loss in children (living losses)

  • Education for proffesionals

  • Grief Education in the workplace

  • Pop up Bereavement Cafes

  • Manifesting & goal setting after loss.

  • The power of positivity mindfulness

After the sudden death of my Husband Steve, age 46, I found there was little to no local support for young widows & their families, in particular, I found that schools and other professionals who work with children struggled with understanding and communicating with Children in their care through Grief and Loss.

I offer:

  • 1-1 and group Grief recovery sessions

  • Grief Awareness education talks

  • Helping Children with Loss eduation courses

  • Host Pop Up Bereavement Cafes across Greater Manchester

I enjoy empowering others with the correct language to use around Bereaved people.

Jane's qualifications include:

  • Trained by Grief Institute as an Advanced Grief Recovery and Helping Children with Loss specialist.

Further training by:

  • Child Bereavement UK

  • Winstons Wish


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