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Debi Richens

Emotional Resilience Coach

Debi Richens

Hi, I'm Debi Richens, 'The Soul Phoenix.' I coach women who find themselves in malicious and conflicting relationships with their ex-partners, and adult children. Who feel isolated, and abandoned, have lost their identity, their self-worth, and are at a tipping point with physical pain and high levels of anxiety. I guide them to create healthy boundaries and have the confidence to manage challenging situations that lead to stronger, refreshed peaceful family relationships in a way that is heartfelt, compassionate, and validating.

I love inspiring women to create sustainable and empowering changes in their lives. Using a variety of transformational tools, together we release trauma, PTSD, grief and loss… especially in relation to parental alienation and estrangement.

t: 07765 227561

I can help you with:

  • Trauma/PTSD

  • Domestic/Financial/Emotional Abuse

  • Parental Alienation

  • Grandparent Alienation

  • Anticipatory Grief

  • Dementia

  • Long term adult/child health issues

  • Estrangement - Long or Short term

  • Mental Health

  • Workplace/Career Grief

Debi Richens is highly regarded for her Personal Evolution coaching work in Trauma, PTSD, Grief, and Loss. She has a particular interest in Parental Alienation, Grandparent Alienation and Estrangement. She has a firm belief that everyone should be afforded a voice and be heard, and often, they need hand holding to feel safe enough to have that voice.

The Founder of The Soul Phoenix Coaching & Mentoring, Debi has years of lived experience of supporting others. Her 20-year career in dentistry saw her specialising in mentoring patients who were carrying great fear and anxiety in having even basic treatments and investigations. Many have had complex treatments that would not have been possible without Debi’s support. In her personal life she has experienced a complex childhood, and life changing bereavements - her brother-in-law, and then three generations of the same side of the family. This caused huge disruption in her marriage which ended in divorce after 20 years. Along the way, she has dealt with severe health issues, and two near death experiences, as well as losing her only child to parental alienation. She found the journey of becoming a divorcee and alienated parent extremely isolating emotionally and financially and has worked through many challenges in rebuilding her life.

Although her working life has encompassed many experiences, and a lifelong learning journey of growing skills and knowledge, her Certification as a Grief Recovery Specialist changed her life completely, and she now uses all her skills and knowledge to support others through Trauma, PTSD, Grief, and Loss. Debi is experienced and available for one-to-one support, training, workshops, speaking opportunities, and media interviews. She is a regular podcast guest, and contributor to articles on parental and grandparent alienation.

Debi’s qualifications include:

  • Master Practitioner Hypnotherapy Trainer

  • Master Practitioner Personal Evolution Coach

  • Master Practitioner NLP+™ Coach

  • Master Practitioner TimeLine Resourcing® Coach

  • Master Practitioner Hypnotherapy Coach

  • Business Mentor Santander Breakthrough Women in Business Program

  • I-act Therapist – mental health & wellbeing

  • Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist

  • Grief Recovery Military & First Responders Specialist

  • Grief Recovery Specialist

  • ACES Certified

  • Brain, Trauma & Recovery

  • Mental Health First Aid Instructor (MHFA England)

  • Suicide Prevention Advocate

  • Art Therapy Tutor

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