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Carol Wright

Qualified Health Coach

Carol Wright

Hello, I’m Carol. I am based in Northamptonshire and I’m available for sessions online via Zoom, and face-to-face within the Northampton or Milton Keynes area.

t: 07710 515485

I can help you with:

  • Health loss

  • Middle-aged women caring for parents

  • Parental loss

  • Emotional eaters

  • Loss of business

People think loss is to do with death only, but it is much more than that, and after a death, we often go into overdrive mode, sorting and organising – some may emotionally eat or not eat at all, some may drink more or dive into work in order to stay busy, some may have health problems or accidents that are triggered by loss, and many can experience a lack of self-worth and self-care and this can all often lead to burnout.

In the late ‘70s, I started a career in the police force, but due to a knee injury in the first few weeks of training, I felt that I had lost my ability to be on my feet all day. I spent more time in the office rather than on the beat but, when I finally got outside, I was beaten up and lost my nerve so, decided to become a lawyer helping people get back to work after accidents.

Then, when my stepdad passed away a number of years ago, I felt the full effects of bereavement, which led to burnout. To those who knew me, they saw a woman who coped with everything that was thrown at me, yet on the inside, I was bottling things up and I never spoke about anything that bothered me. This is when I trained as a health and wellness coach so that I could attempt to fix myself and help others too.

Following the loss of my mother in 2019, I trained to become a Specialist. I had been her carer, and when she died it left a huge hole in my life, and a wealth of unanswered questions. One of the main factors for me is that serious health challenges seemed to occur when I had severe losses in my life. I did not play victim or succumb to a life of being unwell. I didn’t want labels or pills. I wanted energy and a life that I could enjoy. The training helped me to achieve this and move forward with my life.

For a confidential chat, please get in touch. I would love to help you move forward after loss, too.

Carol's qualifications include:

  • Qualified Health Coach

  • Certified Online Business Strategist


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