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Carol Banens

Certified Grief Educator, Certified Grief To Gratitude Coach

Carol Banens

Hello, I’m Carol and I live in Ottawa, Canada

As a grieving widow I struggled to manage my grief, and it was this that inspired me to help others by becoming a certified grief educator and grief coach. When we understand grief, it is more manageable. I didn’t understand until I was in it, and part of my mission is to educate others, both in grief and those supporting the griever, so that we all have a better understanding and more compassionate approach to grief as a whole.

I can help you with:

  • Grief from spousal/partner loss

  • Loss of a sibling

  • Parental loss

  • Pet loss

In 2018, my husband's death marked a profound turning point, leading me into an unexpectedly challenging and prolonged journey of grief. Despite my 36 years as a physical therapist, I sensed a new calling—to become a certified grief educator and coach. My mission is to offer the kind of support I wished I had during my own grieving, guiding others with empathy and care.

Grieving is a deeply personal and overwhelming process, and I'm here to provide compassionate guidance, helping you discover hope and the potential for a meaningful life despite the weight of loss. Having experienced the loss of a sister, husband, parents, a pet, a divorce, and relocation, I comprehend grief in its many facets, approaching this journey with profound compassion.

My qualifications include:

  • Certified Grief Educator (By David Kessler)

  • Certified Grief to Gratitude Coach

  • Master Life Coach

  • Master Mindset Coach

  • Physical Therapist


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